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We provide a wide range of Cyber Security and Data Protection services to protect your business

Our services protect you

Using the very best people and innovative software solutions our services create enduring value. We have a range of skills and services that lead, advise, and support customers, no matter how big or small, complex or simple.

We help you to prepare, protect, detect, respond, and recover along all points of the business lifecycle. We understand that cyber security and data protection cannot always be considered in isolation. That’s why each of our services can be delivered singularly or interdependently to support clients in securing their organisation and meeting growth goals

Data Protection Consultancy

Reliance on personal data grows and businesses continue to innovate against a backdrop of enhanced privacy regulation, changing consumer privacy expectations, and demands for profitability. As a result, businesses face a complicated regulatory, reputational, and operational data privacy risk environment.

Our teams provide practical business solutions that not only help businesses reduce the risk associated with privacy obligations, but also leverage the value in their personal data. We help navigate the legal and regulatory complexities of data protection regulations, enabling businesses to achieve their goals while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is maintained.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security consultancy is a specialised and practical solution to help organisations increase their cyber maturity levels. It enables businesses to increase resilience and gain assurance through the mitigation of threats and risks.

With the exponential growth of data breaches and malicious attacks, organisations need to employ the most appropriate cyber security controls available – but with a wide range of options available, what is appropriate? Our experienced professionals make cyber security accessible and logical, supporting clients with solutions that work.

Secure Development Lifecycle

With organised cybercrime becoming a multi £trillion industry, and stringent regulations being introduced, responsibilities have shifted towards software organisations, to becoming more ethical and accountable for their services, in order to avoid substantial financial and reputational implications.

Introducing a Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) is the way for organisations to focus on ‘Security by Design’, allowing a ‘shift left’ approach, which enables the production and deployment of better quality and secure software, faster.

Deploying a SDL, will enable organisations to sell to more, operate in new markets, and comply with regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Penetration Testing

The cyber landscape continues to rapidly evolve, and the flow of data has increased exponentially. Whether it’s through 4G on -the -go or Wi -Fi networks, data is consumed through mobile apps, social media and internet browsing throughout the day. The boundaries of an organisation’s infrastructure has sprawled outside of the physical constraints of the office.

This change in landscape has intensified the need for businesses to make themselves aware of the potential holes in their security processes and how a cybercriminal would gain access. Businesses can no longer install a firewall application and just sit back hoping it will protect its data and financial assets. Our testing helps businesses to be proactive in analysing these applications, finding the gaps and patching them before they are exploited.

Our consultants are highly qualified and possess a range of relevant qualifications such OSCP, OSCE, CREST Certified Tester, CREST Certified Simulated Attack Manager, Tiger Scheme SST & CISSP.